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PR#2815 astbuilder: Introduction of new construction services
PR#2820 modelize_property: Define a new API to modify AAttrPropdef
PR#2818 typing: Add a mechanism to disable warnings
PR#2813 modelize_property: Split the build_property method of AAttrPropdef
PR#2811 Fixed quick_sort when array is length 0 or 1
PR#2806 Fixed safe-call missed cast when reference primitive data types
PR#2806 Fixed safe-call missed cast when reference primitive data types
PR#2801 tests: Test result update for `curl_http`
PR#2799 Contract: Change mpropdef driving
PR#2795 nitunit the manual
PR#2794 Contract: bug fix
PR#2790 Contract implementation
PR#2779 astbuilder: First implementation of clonable for ast nodes
PR#2758 Proposal for lambda expression syntax
PR#2783 mongodb: Fixed failing test for `aggregate` method.
PR#2778 abstract_compiler: Replace the use of `n_float` by the `value`
PR#2761 Safe call operator
PR#2771 ci: generate metrics output in an artifact file
PR#2739 ci: basic bench with old branch
PR#2755 nitrpg: Move `nitrpg` to its own repository
PR# docker-ci: ajoute libicu-dev
PR#2744 Some more small improvements on gitlab-ci
PR#2748 concurrent_collections: Add implementation of has method

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